It is likely that you have come this far thinking “everything good you write”, I hope “but I am instrumented that makes so much noise where I put it, that I live in an apartment ?”.

Quite right. Legitimate.

The real problem for many of us. There are more or fewer home remedies, CLICK HERE TO SEE them or electronic kits to deal with this problem. They are absolutely silent kits that work when attached to the electric current. If you want an overview of electronic batteries, I’ve already talked about them extensively in another article.

Let’s get to the point

Caliber the discourse around all the premises that we have done, I therefore consider that the public is a novice child and that one cannot spend a fortune.

I have fantastic but very expensive electronic kits, and then there are kits that have fewer sound options and adjustments but are economically accessible.

In this case too, let me point out a couple of basic kits from two very famous brands: La Alesis and Roland.


They are both real kits, ready even for an adult who is not really a beginner, with all the pieces and everything necessary to study and even play live.

Perhaps they lack all the features of the more expensive series, such as mesh leathers, but we are still talking about a semi-professional battery.

The Alesis DM Lite Kit (below) has 4 plastic/rubber pads that act as drums and three suspended pads, one for the hi-hat and two for the cymbals. It is equipped with a control unit, pedals and support rack. The price is around €229.00

The other set is a Roland TD 1KV, the basic model of the Japanese company, synonymous with quality and resale.

If you also find several used, I were you I would do a tour on and I would contact those who sell one, I would try it and save something.

However, the set is very similar to the first Alesis with the advantage of a pad (that of the snare drum) with a mesh skin (you can adjust the tension and it has a much more realistic bounce than the rubber pads).

It also has a little more advanced control unit than the previous one. The price is around €780.00


To end this general overview on children’s batteries, I summarize the main factors to consider if you want to buy a battery for a child.

Before buying, evaluate:

  1. age and physical structure
  2. the real interest (does it sound alone or does it go to class?)
  3. where this battery will go

If the child gets tired after a while (and it is normal that it can happen), buying a battery a little better can guarantee a better seal over time and therefore a better resale.


In my case, the problem became excessive noise after a while. I am a drummer and I knew what I was up against, but when the younger sister arrived at home, certain volumes were forbidden in most hours of the day.

There are many ways to reduce the noise of the drums and I talked about it. In this case, I solved the problem by seeing my son on YouTube that many talented drummers use their black skins, then I went into the store and took the leather mesh of Tama like this  (not necessarily the whole kit) and I mounted.

Result: The noise is gone, and he is convinced of having a true rock star skin. A little lie that made everyone happy! Then get the blankets from the box and the clothes over the tom!


Another small problem is mechanics. Children lean on their toms, dismantle the temples, lose their screws, etc. I would not repeat every parent’s classic mantra all the time: “If you break it, I don’t buy it anymore”, which to children (at least to mine) does not seem to import too much, I would rather try to empower it using technology.

Avoid saying: “If you break it, I won’t buy it again!”

Let’s show him some videos (YouTube is full) where we talk about mechanics, double pedals, circles, and woods, in short, let’s make him fall in love with the instrument in all its parts and not just the noise it produces.

At a child these things like to die, they stimulate his imagination and bind it in a more conscious of the instrument. He will respect it more and take better care of it. Then it will grow, form a punk band and destroy it on stage in a totally conscious way

I hope this article has helped you a little.

If you want to leave a message (below or on our social media) telling us about your experience, providing corrections, suggestions, etc. I really appreciate it and it’s the best way to say thank you.