The other day there was a new issue of the magazine ” Terroraiser “, which acquaints readers with the events and processes taking place in the heavy music of Ukraine and the world. The main “message” of the publication is not only to inform the “metalworkers” about the news of this style but also to unite all involved: from listeners to “stars” of world magnitude. There are various gloves for drumming.

Each musician, regardless of the instrument on which he plays, and the style direction in which he develops, is valuable precisely with his “own” sound. How to achieve this? And what is the role of the instrument that he has chosen?

In this case, we are talking about drummers. It is especially difficult in terms of sound recognition, even though the percussionist has long ceased to be perceived as an exclusively “beating rhythm”.

If we talk about instrumentation, a lot also depends on the musical style in which the drummer plays. Which components the drum kit includes is directly dependent on the music being played. The drum kit evolves according to time. An important role in its development belongs to manufacturers (brands), development engineers , new technologies for creating musical instruments, music in all its diversity and, of course, famous musicians . Common truth.

However, everything has its own nuances. It is important to learn about personal best practices and preferences directly from the masters of their craft. So.