It is not really part of the battery rods, but the bass drum pedal is what, as we have already seen in the history page, has given birth to the modern battery. It consists of a plate on which the footrests, connected to a belt or chain which, through a bar inserted in the bearings, moves the leaf that hits the skin.

The types of pedals are really very many and very different from each other. They are found with single, double, belt or direct drive chain, they are found with different types of plates and with or without a base.

The flying the same way may be different as shape and material depending on the sound that we want to obtain. Mainly they stand out for their hardness, so we will find the felt doors or even a wool-like for genres that need a very “ soft ” sound like jazz, up to those of hard felt, wood or plastic.

The harder the door, the greater the attack.

The adjustments we can make now are many, varying the intensity, the run and the balance. Very many pedals have springs that can be adjusted. The hardness of the spring is very subjective, depending on the force with which the pedal is used and the response that is sought, the springs can be pulled or not. My advice, as always, is to make changes and try until you have reached the right feeling.


Two words also on the type of traction, that is on that part that allows transmitting the movement of the plate to the leaf.

As mentioned above there are various types of traction, ie the belt, the single chain, the double chain, and the direct drive.

The belt is a simple strip of material that offers excellent fluidity and, on the other hand, greater wear than the others.

The traction chain is probably the most widespread and combines fluidity robustness.

The first in favor of the single chain, the second in favor of the double chain.

For genres where there is a need for power and extreme precision such as metal, direct traction is used, which allows the elimination of play and wear of other types of traction. Let us not forget that the legendary 1909 Ludwig Speed ​​King was a direct drive!


For those starting out, a standard mid-range pedal will surely be more than good and prices range from a few tens of euros to several hundred. The most important thing is the feeling with the foot, regardless of the adjustments that can be made.

“The first double pedals date back to the 80s”

Since the 80s there is a variant, which is the double pedal. It consists of a single pedal that is connected to another via a metal rod that allows it to be positioned near the hi-hat. In this way it is possible to play the case with both the foot righter than with the left, greatly increasing the chances of joints and speed.

As for the batteries and unlike the temples, before buying a pedal for the case, we strongly recommend that you try it so you can figure out which one is best suited to our needs. the brand will also be (perhaps) important, but the feeling even more. Do not be fooled by the great drummers who use the most famous and expensive brands and models, personally I have played and I have a couple of pedals with a few tens of euros with which I am very well and that has nothing to envy to the top of the range.