They asked me to talk a bit about the subject, I think it is more stressful, more painful, more annoying than any drummer who lives in a building or who has neighbors who, rightly or wrongly, don’t want to hear drums playing, that is how to silence the battery.


The problem of how to silence a battery is not really simple and having passed in the first person, I know how frustrating it can be to find a compromise (because of this it is) to be able to exercise at home, taking advantage of that half-hour that sometimes the daily tasks they reserve us.

“Silence the battery and not give up anything is a utopia”

Given that with our dear “friend” we can easily exceed 100db without being metal drummers and given that the maximum would be to have our own room where we can do as we want, a solution could be to find a rehearsal room for rent (maybe by the hour ) or the friend’s country house.


But this is not always feasible, for reasons of opportunity or time. The rooms for rent must be booked in advance and many of us do not know when a free house will come out and the houses of friends … well, even if you find them, you are always at someone else’s home.

If you believe that these are the ideal solutions for you, then stop here to read. Lucky you. Otherwise, you are forced to keep looking.

At this point, we can mainly consider two paths: Soundproof the room or “lower” the battery volume.


It’s not really silencing the battery, but soundproofing the room is an alternative that many take into consideration.

This is not a topic I will not discuss here in detail, as I am not an expert on this type of work. Giving impromptu advice is not my intent, you can find many tips on how to do it online, on blogs and DIY sites, but the lowest common denominator must be that you have a place to do these jobs.

A place of your property would be better, as sometimes making holes and putting plasterboard in rented houses is not allowed, but also the fact that if you change your home then dismantling and reassembling everything is not a walk. Some customization are made to measure, cutting wood and brackets in relation to the room we have and then moving everything to another part would require having to do many things over again.

“A lot can be done, but 100% soundproofing is almost impossible”

It must be admitted, however, that you can do good things with these methods, lowering the decibel level far from our room. If this is sufficient or not, it must be evaluated in relation to the place where we are and the tolerance of the neighbors. I believe however that 100% soundproofing is almost impossible, something always comes out.


A halfway is to buy a room, intended as a soundproof box. There are many types, sizes, modular or otherwise, which promise drastic cuts, etc. I have heard several and some really do an excellent job, but the prices are really high. For a new 2 × 2 mt, we talk about 6-€7.000. Not a little. They to do not sound 100% sound but give a big hand, in the sense that you will not play at night, but if you keep it in the garage you can play in the afternoon without any particular problems.

“Very comfortable, but the cost is high”

They have the great advantage of being modular, that is, if one day one changes homes, they are dismantled and reassembled without losing their soundproofing characteristics. Take a tour, try them, don’t be convinced by the site alone. Anyone who has one will be happy to let you see it, after all, who buys it is always proud of the purchase. Here too, there are the artisan solutions to be taken into consideration. Less beautiful, and maybe not modular, but often with substantial savings. Do not discard anything a priori, try to touch.