There are various types of handles available on the market, suitable for different needs, especially with regard to grip. Some people have hands that sweat a lot and therefore need a wand that is coated with a very thin rubber layer to prevent the wand from slipping off too easily. Others instead have the habit of turning the wand on itself while they play and then prefer it without anything adherent. There are also nude series on the market, that is sticks that have not undergone a treatment and polishing process, but wood remains rough. This is something in between, an intermediate step to increase grip, before getting to put on the rubber grip.

Now the most famous brands use the best drummers in the world to develop custom drumsticks with special features. It is often a marketing issue, but it is not certain that these are not the characteristics that adapt to your style.

“The signed wand is not necessarily

from your idol is good for you “

At the time of purchase, in any shop you go, you will be submerged with sticks, brands, sizes and different colors. Whether you are determined or not, the advice is to try them, perhaps on a pad so as not to wear them out, to understand if they have the weight and balance that suits you. Also, look for a smooth surface and “roll” to make sure they are straight. In fact, it often happens that due to bad storage or transport, perhaps at high temperatures or humidity, the rods bend a little, in that case, discard them and take others.


They are particular types of rods formed by a set of bristles used mainly for percussion or for some musical genres that require a particular effect. They are usually formed by a handle in metal material coated with rubber to facilitate the grip in which are contained a series of thin metal wires, which can be extracted and used to hit the drum. The sound of the brushes is suitable to create soft and soft atmospheres, typical of Jazz, “caressing” the skin of the snare drum or the surface of the dishes it is possible to obtain a timbric rendering that with normal rods would be impossible.

Finally, there are an infinite series of experiments, of particular rods, usually for other percussion instruments or suitable for creating a precise effect. The most common are the Rods (see the figure opposite), which have a wide use on the drums, when a softer sound and a lower volume is needed. Every brand has developed many and you will find all colors and types. If you have a medium build, start at 5A, play a little, then experiment with the others, change sizes and brands. Slowly you will find the sticks that are right for you.