After a certain age, children will no longer find the toy batteries we saw above fun. Article by bishonenworks.com. I put the limit at 4 years, but every child is unique and I wouldn’t take it as a scientific limit.

Let’s say that the child will want to move and imitate the “real” drummers like the father, the brother of someone who has seen on tv, with the hi-hat, the pedals, the rods of the dishes and therefore there will be the need to have a kit very similar to a standard.

The batteries begin to be made of wood , with real skins and real mechanics (though quite light). Wooden chopsticks are used (included) and the noise begins to be high.

The next ones I link are all very similar and the choice is based more on the aesthetic factor than anything else. Start with the simplest, most economical and with a vintage aesthetic.

The price as I write the article is €165.00

The next battery has a slightly more modern aesthetic. Electric blue with white tuners. The composition is very similar to the previous one.

At the time of writing, the price is €199.00


The last battery for children in this segment is the one I think is the most complete. Similar to the previous one as a composition, however, it has the stand of the independent plate (it can move it and put it where it wants) and the toms have single supports, like many of the professional batteries.

Measurements: 16 “case, 8” and 10 “tom, 13” eardrum and 12 “snare drum. For these measures, there are also spare parts for leather.

I dwelt a bit more on this model not because I want to sponsor it, but because like the one at the beginning of the article I bought this battery for my little one (in fact, Father Christmas took it) and so I know it a little better.

At the end of the article, I also put some advice on its management (noise, mechanics, etc.) based on the personal experience of having it at home for quite a while now. At the time of writing, the price is €209.00


More than 8 years or so, children have the strength and coordination to play a “real” drum set for all intents and purposes, as long as they have measurements available to them.

Continuing to use toy batteries (if the child is really interested in the study of the instrument) can be a mistake, first because they will be inexorably destroyed in a very short time , secondly because if the purpose studies, it is right and proper to have it exercised on an instrument also suitable for tuning .

As I said, there are batteries with sizes smaller than the standards, and they are those with jazz measurements. First, the case has a smaller diameter and the same is true for the eardrum. The snare drum can also have standard sizes (13 or 14 inches (ca. 36 cm)).



Below I show you some models to give you a general indication, so that you can inform yourself and easily evaluate the general characteristics from home, but for these models (unlike the ones above), my advice is to go to a store where you can touch them and ask for advice from a salesman (maybe even a drummer).

The fact remains that then you can order them online if you prefer or if you save something, but first go and see them.

I chose these two models from two very famous brands and therefore a guarantee of quality and resealability (you never know, children suddenly change their passions).

The first is a Ludwig Pocket Kit of around €360.00

The other model is a Tama Sylvester, very famous, very well known and this model in particular in my opinion also very nice to see. Snare drum included, without plates. The price while I’m writing the article is about €630.00