The so-called real batteries have wooden drums, skins that can be pulled through metal rods and mechanics.

They are also composed of a number of pieces that make up a standard set, for when it can be minimal. Having made this distinction, I would propose the age of the little ones as the first discriminating factor.


For a very simple reason, because their physical structure often does not allow them to sit and get to play the pedals and their age does not allow them to concentrate and make the most of a real drum set.


Everything is fine at this age, I mean, needless to spend money on a complete set, the child just wants to slam, maybe because he imitates someone or by instinct, but no matter how good or talented you may seem, don’t buy a drum set from the form professional.

There are many models, often very cheap, of batteries for very young children that have the sole purpose of bringing the child closer to this world, without pressure, without studying, without rules and without limitations.

Let it beat and let it vent as you wish.

The battery sounds very bad … and most likely it will not be a great pleasure to listen to it, but it will be to watch it while smiling and having fun.


As before, I point this out, not for particular reasons, but simply because it was my son’s first battery, donated by his grandparents and adored right away.

Although the mechanics are made of plastic, it has survived the entire phase of the “small destroyer” unscathed. Only the dish support had broken, but with a little tape, he continued to do his duty, up to the next battery.

As mentioned, the stems are made of pressed cardboard, the hi-hat does not match and is missing, but it is a child … .. it does not even know what a hi-hat is.

To start, it is just fine. At the time of writing, the price is €39.90

The battery above as far as a toy is aesthetically close enough to the classic batteries. Some children may prefer the models that indicate their heroes of cartoons. There really are all kinds.

This one by Super wings, has a case with two drums on it and a plate, for a price under €50 :

The next one is very classic, the one closer to a real battery as a composition as it has the case, the roller, two toms, and a tympanum. It also has a plate. The Charleston is missing, but I don’t think it is for very young children.

At the time of writing, the price is €45.59


The next one is a slightly more modern variant, with an addition of a small electronic panel where there are already recorded some sounds and rhythms with which to have fun. On the other hand, it has fewer drums than the previous one.

At the time of writing, the price is €43.00


The next battery is more suitable for the very small, for those children who are starting to beat the first shots. In fact, he doesn’t have a stool, and he plays on his feet. It has a wooden skeleton, two beating surfaces, and a metal plate.

It wouldn’t even be a real battery, but I still inserted it for those who want to take one for those who start to take their first shots.

At the time of writing, the price is €57.00