Practice Set Loan Scheme

NWUP is very pleased to offer a practice set loan scheme. This scheme provides an instrument and individual support to people wishing to take up the Uilleann Pipes at what is often the most important stage in their piping development. It also helps us in our aims of promoting and encouraging the playing of the Uilleann Pipes.

The loan sets will enable and encourage people to try out this unique instrument in a low cost and fully supported way. The period of the loan scheme would give a new player time to explore the instrument before deciding to commit financially to purchasing a set.


Good teaching and support with maintenance is difficult to find. Volunteers from North West Uilleann Pipers will offer support and teaching to a very high standard. Regular maintenance workshops will also be readily at hand.

We have four practice sets and these will be offered to people wishing have a serious try at this instrument. The sets have been built by Dave Williams, Brian Howard, Andy Faden and Hevia.

If you would like to take part in this scheme please contact NWUP here: giving some information about your interest in the Uilleann Pipes.

We would like to thank Voluntary Action Manchester, Community Network for Manchester and the European Regional Development fund for supporting this project. We would also like to thank Brian Howard and Hevia for their support.

Download the Application Form here: Loan Scheme Application Form