Chiff and Fipple: Uilleann Pipe forum A great place to discuss Uilleann pipe issues. This is a "mature" forum so don't forget to search the Archives before raising an issue that may have been dealt with many times before.

Uilleann Pipe Discussion Forum A quieter but some people say more civilized forum, born out of issues happening on "The Chiff". Lots of good piping information. Plenty of photos and a good source for MP3 downloads.

Ceol Up North Information about Irish music events etc. in the north of England

Na Píobairí Uilleann Website of the Uilleann Piping organisation. New site now up.

London Uilleann Pipers Club South West Association of Uilleann Pipers

Uilleann Pipes Reed Making Evertjan t' Harts reed making website

The Session: Tunes Great resource for finding tunes and getting a printout.

Brian Howard Sheffield based pipemaker Brian Howard's website.

Alan Burton Top reed maker Alan Burton. Has some excellent reed adjustment advice

Becky Taylor Our own fabulous Becky Taylor

Pipe Major Cameron Edgar One of our members offers Piping Services

Steve Turner Steve performs, teaches and makes reeds

Uilleann Pipe Making Links


Hammonds - Gun drills

Axminster Power Tool Centre - Vast selection of tools and lathes

Eternal Tools - Gravers, diamond drills etc.

Engineers Tool Room - Lots of drills, reamers etc.

Dick Fine Tools - Plenty of high quality tools

Robert Sorby - Top chisels!!


Alternative Ivory - GPS fake animal parts

Windcraft - Phosphor Bronze flat springs

CIS - Silver Steel rod etc.

CES - Brass tube and lots of other stuff


How do Woodwind Instruments Work - Background Theory from the University of New South Wales

Uilleann List Archive - Lots of information if you search

Yahoo Amateur Bagpipe Makers - Discussion forum

Uilleann Forum - Pipe and reed making discussion forum

Chiff and Fipple - Lots of information if you search

David Daye - Lots of information (including Penny Chanter) but unfortunately many links do not work

Alan Ginsberg - Plans and parts

Bagpipe World - Chris Bailey's site with detailed Rowsome D drone plans and some advice on making

Bagpipe Reamers - A method for building Uilleann reamers

Kevin Scotts's Bagpipes Workshop - Long boring and reaming

Drone Building - Kevin Scott builds some drones

Taylor Drones - A great article by David Quinn on building Taylor style drones

Recorder Building  - Not Uilleann but lots of interesting articles

Recorder Tuning Adjustments - Modifying holes and bore to aid tuning (on recorders)

Sharpening and Honing - An in depth guide to keeping your tools sharp

Bagpipes and Bellows - Nice details of pipe bending jigs

Flat Sets "Vive la Difference!" - Article by Craig Fischer

Make a Square Chanter - Useful Craig Fischer article


Useful Forum Discussions

Pilot Holes

What makes a chanter sound like it sounds

What can be Learned from Chanter Measurements?

Bottom hand tonehole spacing - ask your maker!

How to measure a chanter bore

Regulator reamers???

Tools for pipemaking

Ebony Vs Blackwood

Sharp E low , flat E high

Cutting keyways

Finger Holes

Straight taper chanter bore

Drone Wood

Bending Tubes

Step Boring