About Us



North West Uilleann Pipers came into existence 10 years ago when a small group of like-minded people, all suffering from the same syndrome (obsessive piping disorder) came together to play, talk about reeds, share ideas and generally enthuse about the instrument that we all love.

Since then, we have grown into an organisation that has had many successful concerts and workshops. Robbie Hannan, Mick O’Brien, Paddy Keenan, Gay McKeown, Sean og Potts, Ronan Browne and Michael McGoldrick have all regaled us with their wonderful musical abilities.  We are truly indebted to the pipemakers and reed makers who have been patient with us over the years, namely the late Dave Williams, Brian Howard and Allan Moller.

Our main aims as an organisation are: to promote the playing and maintenance of the uilleann pipes; to hold regular workshops where good teaching and pipe maintenance are accessible; to encourage young people to take up the pipes; to showcase the pipes by holding regular concerts involving well-known and respected pipers; to make available online resources to pipers and to forge links with other like-minded organisations.

We have recently been spurred into a frenetic period of activity brought on by a combination of the sudden death of our great friend Dave Williams and the enthusiasm and hyper-activity of one of our members – he knows who he is! We are now holding regular, once a month meetings, have an online discussion forum for pipers and have plans for more regular traditional music concerts. Watch out for future events!